Below are five main questions you should always ask every
contractor in the area before you hire them for your services.

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Why Would I Want to Buy a Storm Window?

A storm windows are installed in order to present an air-tight seal for your window opening. Reduce drafts, and dust penetrating in through cracks, joints, or seams in your window’s frame. Storm windows provide a dead air pocket that prevents cold from the outside being allowed in as well as heat from within being lost.

Another reason to install storm windows is to protect your existing windows. An important thing if you are the owner of a historical or vintage nature. The Department of Interior’s Historical Preservation Brief Number 9 states “energy conservation is no excuse for the wholesale destruction of historic windows which can be made thermally efficient by historically and aesthetically acceptable means.” The beveled, leaded, or stained glass is protected from hazards, helps them remain cleaner and the critical wood frames which hold the original glass are protected from the weathering effects of the elements, as well as dry rot.

Storm windows are: reduce street noise considerably, improves cooling efficiency in the summer months, and heating efficiency in the winter, added home security, reductions in dirt, dust, sand and wind storm debris.

Over the past few years several types of glass have been produced that provide protection from the sun's glare, reducing UV damage to furnishings. By having us build your storm windows using these types of specialty glass, you can still benefit from these new developments without having to replace your current windows.

Storm windows not only boost your personal environment, they also add comfort, energy efficiency and security to your home.

What Improvements in the R-Factor Rating Can I Expect?

“Windows are a main source of heat loss in winter since they are both a inadequate thermal barrier (R factor of only 0.89) and typically a source of air infiltration. Installing storm windows will considerably improve these poor attributes. After installing storm windows (window plus storm window) with an R factor of 1.79 which outperforms a double paned window assembly (with an air space up to 1/2?) that has an R factor of 1.72.”
- Quoted directly from Preservation Brief Number 3, Department of the Interior.
Why Install Storm Windows Instead of Replacing Windows?

  • Reduces air leaks therefore adding warmth.
  • Adds insulation (heat retention in winter, cooling in summer) and noise control year round.
  • No structural damage to your home.
  • At some point the insulated glass seal will fail in replacement windows. This can be a costly replacement. (Storm windows are not hermetically sealed and therefore do not fail.)
  • Keeps historical homes “Historically Correct,” (you retain your beautiful old windows and heirloom glass).
  • Generally does not require carpentry.
    Installing replacement windows can take from one to three days.
  • Storm windows can be installed in an afternoon!
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Carefully screen any potential contractors,

including checking for their rating and complaint history on the Better Business Bureau’s website. An A+ rating like the one Beehive State Exteriors has is the best possible rating.

Beehive State Exteriors is a BBB accredited business and Gephardt Approved

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