Bay & Bow Windows

When you need windows in St. George, Utah, the exterior remodeling experts at Beehive State Exteriors are here with all the window installation, repair, and replacement services you need.

We offer a wide selection of windows, including bay and bow windows. Both of these window styles provide stunning views and let in a lot of natural light. They make for the perfect statement piece in the middle of a room, but while they are similar, there are also a few differences.

Both of these types of windows look stunning in all kinds of St. George buildings. So, if you need a window replacement in St. George or windows for new construction, contact us today to learn more.

What are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are a set of three windows that are placed next to one another. The middle section is larger and acts as a centerpiece. Then, there are two matching windows on either side of this center section. Bay windows are set up so the middle window sticks out further than the rest of the installation.

Many people love the look of bay windows because they look sleek and bold. They are perfect for a kitchen, dining room, or any area where you want to let in a lot of natural light. And, they come in many styles, so they can match the look of your home.

What are Bow Windows?

Bow windows are similar to bay windows in that they let in a lot of light and make a statement in any room. However, they are built in an arc shape that is semi-circular. Bow windows usually have at least four separate windows that are all in the same style and size. Usually, bow windows use casement windows, so they don’t have interruptions in the line of sight.

Bow windows are a more modern take on bay windows, so some people like the more contemporary look.

Bay & Bow Window Services We Provide

If you’re looking for large windows that let in light and add a lot of character to your home, bay or bow windows are an excellent choice. The team at Beehive State Exteriors has over 30 years of experience providing window replacement and installation services in St. George.

We always ensure we provide the highest-quality installation, so your windows will last many years. Learn more about bay and bow windows by reaching out today. You can also stop by our showroom to see some of the options we offer.

Window Installation and Remodeling Services in St. George

If you’re looking for professional window services, Beehive State Exteriors is ready to assist you. We provide a wide range of window and home exterior needs, such as door installation, rain gutter replacement, and siding services. So, if you need window services or any other help with your home’s exterior, we can help with that. Call us today to get started, or stop by our showroom at 3346 E. Hidden Springs Dr. in Washington.